Mobile Agent Framework (MAF) is a research prototype which carries the following specific goals in mind. First, it aims to provide a set of primitives to facilitate the development of distributed mobile agent; Second, it strives to meet the application requirement from distributed sensor field, which is to provide a light-weight, self-organized and secure agent platform; Third, although this framework itself is primarily developed using Python language, it should provide a mechanism to be able to incorporate and integrate effortlessly with a variety of "foreign agents" written in other languages such as C and C++. Fourth, we also want to provide certain simulation tools to evaluate the performance of this computing paradigm with others. (see the following figure for illustration)


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Installation and Run the demo

The core framework is quite neural, which should run on all platforms which support Python. For any foreign agent programmed using C/C++, the shared library (.so) might need to be recompiled for that specific platform. For a demonstration of how it works, we have programmed a very simple "", whose sole mission is to follow a pre-defined itinerary and collect free disk space information. At the end, it must come back and report the result to its master.

CVS Access

Sourceforge provides several ways to access the source code remotely:
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